Hello and welcome to my website. I am no stranger to romance. You may know me from my teen novels such as Love Cheat and the Cover Model trilogy (Scholastic), but my first books, way back in the mists of time, were written for the Sapphire Romance Library and included such titles as Love’s Pursuit and Wings of Silver. I also wrote several teen romances for Pan’s Heartlines series. 

I have always been a writer and the first thing I ever completed was a song when I was six. I wrote both the words and the music and it was about cowboys! My second creation was a poem about my ginger cat, Sandy. Ever since, I have tried to include cats – and dogs, too – in my books.

My latest novel, Half a Rainbow, is a present-day romance with a touch of suspense, set in a village in Cornwall. As well as my human characters, you’ll meet a cat called Nina and a dog called Barney.

If you’re a fan of historical romance, you might enjoy The Earl’s Captive, which is set in the 1820s and features a feisty Lancashire lass called Lucy. And yes, there is a hound called Solomon, too. 

If you like your romance young, hot and sizzling, then try my two-parter, Perfect Lives. 

Happy reading!